Appreciative Management – A Management based on Excellence

Appreciative Management –  A Management based on Excellence [Managementul Apreciativ – Un management de excelenta]Simona PONEA

Abstract: Appreciative management support organizations, especially in the process of development of the human resources. Appreciative management considered as a management based on excellence, is based on the filosophy of appreciative inquiry. Any organization can apply this model starting with the process of recruitment. The process of employment requires each time a new beginning for the organization. New employees should be introduced carefully in the organizational culture and also must be provided with an confortable environment. Appreciative management provide an innovative way of development of any organization. Is very important as well that the manager know how to apply amoung with this the process of peer education and also peer supervision.

Keywords: appreciative inquiry, peer education, peer supervision, appreciative management, management based on excellence, appreciative interview.


Appreciative Management A Management based on Excellence