Appreciative seminars.Appreciative teaching of Appreciative Inquiry

Appreciative seminars.Appreciative teaching of Appreciative Inquiry | Simona PONEA & Bianca VLASA
Abstract: The introduction of appreciative intervention methods at the organizational level as a discipline in the academic curriculum of the masters program “Supervision and Social Planning” is a starting point for the development of this methodology in various areas of social practice (Sandu, 2010). The experimental educational program “Appreciative Seminars” was
implemented within the discipline Appreciative intervention methods at the organizational level in the program noted above. The initiative came from Mr. Dr. Antonio Sandu, of the Faculty of Philosophy and Social and Political Sciences, “Al. I. Cuza” University in Iasi, who has supported in the academic year 2008-2009 and 2009-2010 the mentioned discipline in close collaboration with Mr. Assoc. Professor Ph. D. Stefan Cojocaru, head masters program and at the same time the one who introduced the appreciative methods in the academic curriculum from Romania.

Keywords: appreciative semminars, appreciative education, appreciative teaching, appreciative Inquiry.


Appreciative seminars. Appreciative teaching of Appreciative Inquiry