Migration and Economic Development Comparative Study: Romania-Italy

Migration and Economic Development Comparative Study: Romania-ItalyPetronela Daniela FERARU

Abstract: The article „Migration and development. Comparative Study: Romania-Italy” is part of the doctoral thesis entitled Religion and migration in contemporary Romania. Case study: Romanian citizens from Italy and represents in fact the second perspective approached by the thesis, namely migration and development, the first perspective being migration and religion. Migration is the social process with increasingly high influence on the Romanian society of these days. It is selective and dynamic and therefore it requires a complex approach. Over the past years, the remittances of Romanian citizens from other countries have represented the safest external deficit financing source. After several years of constant growth and in the current context marked by social and political changes, the remittance flows decreased significantly. This evolution is based on the background of international economic and financial crisis and of the deteriorating economies of countries all over the world. The topic of this paper is the interaction between migration and development, having as starting point the information provided by various authors in the field of migration and economy, as well as statistical data, slowly progressing towards the various facets of development and migration from a wide conceptual viewpoint and the specific theory of current development and migration. The entire study is focused on the neoclassical economic theory with both macro and micro applications as well as on the current variant of international migration – transnational migration. The general premise is that the external migration of Romanian population is mainly determined by economic differences.

Keywords: external migration, economic development, sustainable development, remittances, transnationalism


Migration and Economic Development Comparative Study: Romania- Italy