Postmodernism and Constructionism. Seeing Truth through Different Eyes

Postmodernism and Constructionism. Seeing Truth through Different Eyes | Antonio SANDU & Simona USURELU

Constructionist-fractal method is essentially a semiotic- hermeneutics method. It aims the transmodern paradigm analysis under three classical aspects: syntactic, semantic and pragmatic. The model’s syntax is the law – ontognoseology axioms that will be repeated in other areas of the transmodern speech. Semantics consists of transmodern upgrading of philosophy and scientific data. In the semantic analysis we find a structural model, of cognitive reconstruction of the world, based on the idea of fractal holism called quantum metaphysics. Constructionist-fractal analysis method consists in identifying a paradigm agreement to semiotic scales and thereby identifying cultural axioms, epistemic, or social and successive restructuring of cultural or social acts consistent with the paradigm model proposed.
Keywords: Social constructionism, epistemology, transmodern paradigm, transdisciplinarity


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