Information Literacy, Theory and Practice in Education

Information Literacy, Theory and Practice in Education| Dubravka MANDUSIC & Lucija BLASKOVIC

Abstract: The globalization, the fast technological development, networking, constant learning and acquiring of new knowledge are main references of today’s information society. In the flood of new information, individual must be able to recognize and to use the information on the right way. Search, choice and the valid use of information are out the reach of advanced technologies and they require much more than computer skills. They require the information literacy. The information literacy is interpreted as the ability of individual who is able to recognize, locate, evaluate and use efficiently the information that he need (Shinew, D.M., Walter, S., 2003). The information literate person recognized the need for information, determinate the importance of information, access information efficiently, knows how to evaluate the valid information and it`s source, knows how to “nestle” founded information in his knowledge base, understands economic, legal, social and cultural questions of using this information. Towards these items we can see that the information literacy is the future, the key of success, a foundation of getting an education.

Keywords: Infomation literacy, higher education, knowledge, lifelong learning.



Information Literacy, Theory and Practice in Education