Information Society and Education System in Romania

Information Society and Education System in Romania | Gabriela NEAGU

Abstract: The analysis in this article is based on a system of indicators to measure progress and proposed by Romanian specialists. The system is divided into 5 groups associated areas considered essential for the development of information society and the four stages of development. Unlike o ther indicators of SI systems, it not only allows comparisons between countries and within each country for one or all groups of indicators, but also can determine the level of development of each indicator. In the present paper we focused on the group of indicators on education – education for SI and SI – and we made comparisons between the education system in Romania and other systems of the EU countries and between levels within the core system higher levels of education and between schools in urban and in rural areas, etc. Stage of the SI in rural schools and pre-university education is at Level I (early stage) or maximum level evolutionary stage II (stage of growth) while in the higher education institutions urban areas have to do, if indicators of development and stage IV (stage of maturity). Romania’s education system needs major investments in new technologies to prepare young people to join the knowledge society we are heading.

Keywords: SI system of indicators, information society, information and communication technology, digital inequality, e-inclusion.




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