Psychological Implications of Cancer Treatment in Pregnancy

Psychological Implications of Cancer Treatment in Pregnancy | Emilia OPRISAN & Mirela ZIVARI

Abstract: This article involves some theoretical aspects of a very difficult topic. Emergence and treatment of cancer in pregnancy is a challenging task for specialists who are supposed to offer treatment, care and support therapy. Psychotherapy also has some distinct features due to the specific characteristics of a pregnant woman. Given these cases are rare, the importance of promoting this subject in the psychologist’s and physician’s world is very important. The idea of progress is based on this kind of work, related to very difficult and specific cases, which implies a collaboration in pluridisciplinary teams. General psychological aspects, the announcement of diagnosis, psychological phases in regaining balance during therapy, psychological effects during treatment, mobilization of the fighting spirit and a reduction in depression and anxiety are only some of the important aspects we propose here.

Keywords: cancer, pregnancy, psychology, multidisciplinary, depression.