The Impact of the Financial Income on the Family Communication

The Impact of the Financial Income on the Family Communication | Andrea BANOVCINOVA & Katarina LEVICKA

Abstract: A functional family is the basic condition for optimal social functioning of all its members. Through fulfilment of functions imposed by society, family creates a safe environment for survival and development of family members. Family functioning depends on functioning of family in different dimensions. One of the key dimensions is communication. Therefore, it is possible for a comprehensive look at the family as a social system neglected area of family communication.
The aim of our study was to investigate how financial income affects the communication in the family system. For assessing family communication, as one of the dimensions of family functioning was used the Family Assessment Device (FAD). The research sample consisted of 310 respondents living below the poverty line. The reference group consisted of 310 respondents living in families with income standard.
The analysis of results show negative impact of low financial income on the family communication. Low-income families showed a higher degree of distortion in communication than the standard income families.
Financial income of families affects the functioning of communication among its members. When working with families living below the poverty line, we need pay attention to the development of new communication patterns and promote a clear and direct communication between family members.

Keywords: Family, family functioning, communication, finantial income.




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