Mediation – Communicative Action and Philosophical Practice

Mediation – Communicative Action and Philosophical Practice | Antonio SANDU

Abstract: Mediation is a particular type of communicative action that generates professional socialization and normative adherence (Sirbu, Gheorghiu, Croitoru-Anghel, 2013). In this paper we are interested in communication strategies and how to obtain interpretative consensus in the process of mediation. The analysis of identified communicational strategies as mediation principles will allow us to develop a model of construction of a new communicational paradigm that places gaining mutual consent in the process of communication mediated by a third party – the mediator, whose function is to reconfigure the interpretative maps regarding the object of the conflict. This process takes the form of a partnership based on the symmetrisation of communicational relationships. In this paper we will discuss mediation as facilitative practice, transformational mediation, narrative mediation and appreciative mediation. Regarding the appreciative mediation, we will propose a creative model of solving conflicts starting from the elements of success of the parts in reframing conflicting elements into transformational elements. We build the appreciative mediation starting from the perspective of an appreciative social semiotics.

Keywords: mediation, social communication, facilitative mediation, narative mediation, transformational mediation, appreciative mediation.